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What is Medium?

Medium is a social publishing platform that is participatory at its core. Every action on Medium is networked, so readers discover content based on what others are reading, recommending, and responding to. Medium boasts a passionate, engaged audience drawn here by quality ideas and the unrivaled reading experience.

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How do I use it?

The Medium editor is the easiest, fastest way to create a beautiful story. Think of Medium as an always on-channel for brand communications. Our suite of publishing tools fits brand needs from product announcements to creative content campaigns.

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Medium offers native paid distribution. Share your brand stories with an engaged audience of millions. Grow your audience beyond your existing followers, and track exactly how each campaign is performing.

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Who is using Medium?


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Success stories

Medium partnered with a leading hotel chain to launch a pop-up travel publication that garnered 360 thousand repeat visitors, 1.6 million minutes read, and an average of 700 social shares per post. The publication was professionally edited with content sourced from Medium users. A brand survey after the project found that readers were 65% more likely to have a favorable opinion of the hotel chain.

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With Medium’s help, Google sponsored a roundtable on the future of security. By assembling leading experts and promoting the responses, Medium made the conversation into a natural focal point to bolster Google’s position as a thought leader. The project generated significant organic engagement and was picked up by various press outlets.

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Amazon took to Medium as a neutral ground to contest claims in a New York Times expose. Here, Amazon found a place to share its side of the story, generating a viral post and eliciting a response from the Times on Medium. This conversation dominated the national news cycle.

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Engage with your audience as never before

All of Medium is optimized for quality engagement. In fact, our leading metric is Total Time Reading, or the amount of time spent reading your content, instead of ephemeral ones like impressions or clicks. Our custom stats show you depth of engagement against your content so you can understand what’s making an impression.

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